Sasha will be dearly missed by many good people all over the globe. Peace, Sasha....
Sasha we will miss you.
The old punks of the 80's Winston-Salem scene (well, those who are left) will miss you and always remember you Sasha.
Sashi, what is there left to say? You did it all, you saw it all, and I guess you just ran out of things to do down here...I know you'll find adventure up there, Sasha Clapper...your energy will be sorely missed. Love you much!
I have been on the brink of tears since reading this article. I babysat for him, and eventually his brother, when he was around 3-6 years old. I remember a beautiful, sunny boy who loved *Spaghettio's* (so interesting that he became a vegetarian). I am sure he was loved by many, many others and seems to have become an amazing adult.

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