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dear sister,
hi this is your lovely sister in hawaii, i believe i deserve some credit for your introduction to raw chocolate...remember it was me whom got your taste buds singing with my at home chocolate alchemy before you ever danced your way to meet the chocolate tree. darling, older sister how my feelings are so hurt that the first intoxication to chocolate was in maui at the temple.... where you so exuberantly exclaimed WOW what is that? and i showed you how this magnificent powder could be blended with ghee, olive oil, or coconut oil and then various spices and flowers.... practically anything for a variety of taste sensations only limited by the imagination. so dear sweet sister am i not the one whom planted this coco seed dream in your brain and spawned your thirst to know the tree's worth. i believe some credit is deserved... i am thirsting for your delicate refined chocolate treats. how about sending some my way,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my friends on maui would love to try some!!!!!love, laura
hi lulu's coco,
i am laura's friend from switzerland. i would love to try your chocolate because i am sure it even taste better than swiss chocolate. please send some inspiration back our way because we would like to create "cafe chocolate" on maui and are in need of ideas and chocolate to unite lovers on the island .
please e mail me at