Evan Kirkley: Music Millennium

Evan Kirkley works at Music Millennium on NW 23rd. He thinks he looks "dumpy" in this picture. Here's what he's listening to this week.

The Thermals (More Parts Per Million). "It's fun and it's Portland. I like the Thermals because they're poppy and punky, and they're fun to bounce around to."

The Joggers (S/T). "It's probably my favorite record of last year. A masterpiece."

Comet Gain (Realistes). "It's the best one they've done in a while. It's really lo-fi and makes me think of being in London, I don't know why."

Andrew W.K. (I Get Wet). "I love Andrew W.K. I listened to it last night, and maybe it's because I had a party, but it puts you in the mood to go out."

Galactic Heroes (How About San Francisco?). "Because it's been really sunny out, and springtime, and they're sugar pop."

Steve Gevurtz: Reading Frenzy

The following are Steve's favorite current zines, on the stands right now for your perusal and purchase!

Kiss Off #8 ($2). "All the grimy details of being a crushed-out, bike-riding insomniac winter wage slave in the city. [Editor] Chris knows where to look and when to listen."

Burn Collector #12 ($3). "Burn Collector is something you can always count on. This issue climaxes with the protagonist deciding to put on some Judas Priest while closing his shop, and subsequently suffering a bawling, mid-life-crisis-style episode."

Clutch #9 ($1). "The daily four-panel comic diary of a local zine librarian super hero."

Punkpunk #3, the Dokidoki Issue ($8). "Japanese pop culture zine with 8 different minis in a charming draw string pouch."

Time Machine #3 --Tuesday, September 11, 1973: Day of Terror ($2). "Recounts the horrific details of the bloody military coup of Salvador Allende, Chile's first democratically elected socialist leader, and what role the United States government played in carrying it out."