Becca Neel from Looking Glass Books

By request, we've edited out her "ummms" so she doesn't sound insane.

Fortunate Son by J.H. Hatfield: "It's a biography of Bush that's really well researched and even keel. It gives a really good background and leaves a potent impression of the President."

Self-Help by Laurie Moore: "She balances on the edge of being really humorous and really depressing. Her stories are entertaining and original, unlike anything else I've read."

Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster: "This was my favorite kid's book. It's the first book I ever read straight through in a day when I was home sick from school. It's really inventive, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wanted a little escape."

Arcadia by Tom Stafford: "Tom Stafford is maybe the smartest man alive, and I love this play. He's just this amazing guy because he has this understanding of math, and music, and the way people understand each other, while still being funny."

Remains of the Day by Lynne Ramsey: "Probably my favorite novel that I've read in the past few years. It's a first person narrative of this butler that's post WWII. It's about emotional frigidity, and his deterioration along with the old system of doing things in Britain."

So Far From God by Anna Castillo: "It's a really vivid story with some magical realism set in the Southwest."

Jake Kelly from Trilogy Video

He's at least part Irish. Wow!

Spring Forward: "This has really great dialogue. It's just a story about these two guys and their relationship."

What Time is it There?: "It's kind of eerie and funny, similar to Wong Kar-Wai's stuff, but even a little more quiet."

Tuvalu: "This is a German film with no succinct sound."

Ratcatcher: "This is Lynne Ramesy's first, it has beautiful cinematography."

Big Bad Love: "It's poetic, similar to Jesus' Son. It's about some writer guy, and the imagery really reflects the poetry of the person. "