Troy Solberg from CD/Game Exchange

Troy tells us his top five video game picks. DIG IT!

Grand Theft Auto: "This is a favorite; great realism, violent, good story line. It plays like a movie. And if you don't want to follow the story line, it allows you to do your own thing."

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: "This is the best of the military-type games. It's a mission-based strategy game with good online play. Really nice graphics, and you can tell the game what to do through a headset."

Madden 2003: "No football game is better. Realistic graphics, a franchise mode, and a training camp to help your players improve!"

Rocky: "This is cool. It's a boxing game where you get to play Rocky in each of the movies. You get to fight Apollo Creed, Mr. T, Drago... and you can't just jam the buttons, either. You have to actually do combos to win."

Need for Speed: High Pursuit 2: "A really fun, arcade-style street-racing game. Nice graphics, real cars, and extra features like 'zoom ahead' which warns you about upcoming police road blocks."

David Cowing from Every Day Wine

David gives the down-low on excellent cheap vino!

Finca SobreƱo, (Toro, $12): "My favorite Spanish bottle of wine. A big mouth feel to it. Pair with something hearty, like a steak."

Chateau Routas ($12): "Big, massive full-bodied red. Definitely not a wimpy wine. Named inferne, French for hell. Definitely as big as Satan might be; it has a presence."

Waterbrook, (Melange, $12): "Easy to drink. The blended drinks are much more approachable. Big crowd-pleaser. It's a good bottle to bring over to someone's house. Soft and fruity."

Palacio de Bornos ($11): "Fantastic white wine. It's like pink grapefruit. Great summertime wine. Quenches your thirst. Incredible with mussels."