Ariana Harley from 2nd Avenue Records

Love Supreme by John Coltrane: "I really love this album because he plays with his whole life experience. Like he's playing poetry with his horn."

Amethyst Rock Star by Saul Williams: "Saul Williams always seems like a saint standing on a street corner somewhere in New York City. Or maybe Watts would be better."

She Has No Strings Apollo by Dirty Three: "An instrumental band with drums, violin, and guitar. Their music is really beautiful."

Rites Of Spring by Rites Of Spring: "A great punk band; something I grew up listening to."

Rain Dogs by Tom Waits: "Gritty old man music. This is a good one for living in this town."

Morgan Miller from Red & Black Cafe'

Morgan locates better news sources to perk up your morning coffee. "I'm a news pig," he claims. He thinks that most of the mainstream newspapers fall short of providing smart analysis and carefully avoid controversial stories. "It's just this happy face," he explains. He offers the following sources to diversify your news-gathering forces. "Probably the best English language newspaper in the world. Great resources for in-depth analysis, with no apparent political bias." "Invaluable because it searches all sorts of newspapers I wouldn't look for... like from India or Pakistan." The World Socialist website. "If there was a New York Times for radicals, this would be it. I don't agree with their political view, but great reporting and analysis."

BBC Radio (OPB 91.5 FM, 9 pm-midnight): "Mainstream U.S. news lacks any depth. A vote for BBC is a vote against U.S. media coverage."