Shea Mossefin from Ozone Records

Shea's just one of the Ozone employees who'll be deejaying Saturday nights at 10 pm, at the Back 2 Back Café (614 E Burnside). Here are some cuts you might hear her play...

"Hunkamaniac" by Neon Hunk (Smarmymob, 2003): "This was unapproachable, confusing, and a little painful at first. But its abrasiveness, Casio driven drills, and chirps are growing on me."

"Witch" by Goblin (Suspiria soundtrack, 2001): "Italian prog rock band, heavy on synth jams and psychedelics."

"Wolf Among Wolves" by Bonnie Prince Billy (Master and Everyone, 2003): "Intimate croons and creaks, circular guitar picking, resigned but passionate vocals."

"Drunk Stripper" by Bob Log III (Logbomb, 2003): "Like an old Diesel engine: dirty, loud, but fueled on whiskey, woman, and primitive blues."

"House of Jealous Lovers" by The Rapture (12", 2002): "When disco transforms itself into a hip three-piece indie band..."

Ron Bronleewe from Cheshire Cat at Irvington Market

Ron demonstrates his knowledge of "cheeses that work from soup to nuts--appetizers, desserts, and everything in between."

Cotswold ($12.49/lb.): "It's really sharp, with chives and onion. Perks up your taste buds."

Boursin ($6.50 for 6 oz.): "Great spread on crackers, in celery, on baked potatoes. The herbs play off the cream, and seem magnified."

Cabot Extra Sharp Vermont Cheddar ($6.99/lb.): "Full bodied, with a clean and long aftertaste. Great for grilled cheese sandwiches."

Combozola ($12.29/lb.): "Soft, ripened cheese. It's brie with blue in the middle."

Morbier ($8.99/lb): "It has a layer of ash in the middle. It's good as a snacking cheese, and for breakfast."