Adrienne Hatkin
From Cinemagic
2021 SE Hawthorne

Do you like watching movies, hardcore? Could you do it all day, every day and never get bored, even if your muscles atrophy and you lose all your human friends? Adrienne loves movies too, especially these ones:

Dancer In the Dark (2000): "About a woman who's going blind and trying to save her son from the same fate. I've never had to sit through something so painful, but I'm kind of a masochist, so that's good."

Memento (2000): "It's just so original, and so creepy."

Amadeus (1984): "Mozart was really brilliant, but fun at the same time, and one of the most interesting historical figures that's been made into a Hollywood story."

Harold and Maude (1971): "A sweet and funny love story."

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986): "Ferris Bueller is my best friend... which is kind of sad."

Terry Feigenbutz
from Food Front
2375 NW Thurman

Sometimes meat substitutes taste even better than what they're imitating, but sometimes they're not fit to feed the animals they're heroically saving. For home or around town, Terry advises on what's good, not gross.

Veat Nuggets: "A chicken nuggets substitute. They're crispy; the texture is really, really good."

Turtle Island SuperBurgers: "I usually don't like tempeh, but these have a really good mixture of wild rice and tempeh."

BBQ tofu rib tips: "Something we actually make here. Slow cooked tofu strips that are like really good barbecue tips."

Tofutti Cuties: "I'm a pretty big fan of these little ice cream treats."

Farmhouse burger: "At The Farm Café. It's not vegan, but it's a good substitute, made with eggplant."