Katsu Tanaka

from Just Be Toys

107 SW 5th

Don't want to grow up? Shit, my brothers and sisters--don't then! Stock up on some radical action figures and play the days away. Katsu shares his favorite toys:

• Godzilla: "A 24-inch, remote-controlled figure that moves, roars, and sways his tail!"

• Sid Vicious: "A 12-inch replica that's fully opposable. His leather jacket has working zippers!"

• Klaus Kubric: "A Lego-style figure of the graffiti artist that comes with a bus stop!"

• Furilla: "Designed by a local company, Fuse. A vacuum-packed, fuzzy monster that comes in brown, black, or white."

• Dragon WWII figures: "Twelve inches, fully articulated. They come with cloth clothing, complete weapons, and accessories. Probably the most detailed figures. They also come with different patches so you can change their unit or division ."

Fearn Smith

from The Farm Café

10 SE 7th

Local, un-chemy produce is a vital thing. Fearn offers some resources, and says that many farms can put you on their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) route, so you can get an assortment of goodies delivered right to your doorstep!

• The Farmers Markets: "Always your first resource. But don't go there if you're claustrophobic! It's like a fair."

• The Chef's Collaborative (chefscollaborative.org): "A network of chefs and farmers. Primarily for restaurants and retail grocers, but anyone can use them to educate themselves."

• Creative Growers: "They do a full line of seasonal produce, specializing in heirloom lettuces and eggplant varieties."

• Charlie Harris & Deva Harris Williams: "They have a lot of tomatoes, cherry and heirloom varieties."

• West Union Gardens: "Mostly strawberries, but also other berries like raspberries and blackberries."