Richard Stritmater

From Bell's Tropical Fish

5003 N Lombard

St. Johns is your home for a lot of amazing things, but who knew it was also your home for exotic reptiles? Richard's got the scoop on what scaly friends will treat you right.

• Mali Uromastyx: "They've always been the tamest. They like to check you out as much as you like to check them out."

• Rosy Boa: "If I could take one reptile home it'd be the Rosy Boa. She's really calm, and she doesn't get too big either."

• Ball Python: "Last week he escaped and killed a rat that was way too big for him, so he just laid next to it all night, and it stunk."

• Tokay Gecko: "Don't touch, just look. They'll bite if you try to touch. They get rid of ants, flies--OW! He just bit my stomach!"

Pat Smith

From Vinyl Resting Place

8332 N Lombard

Kicking back in the sunshine with some classic vinyl spinning is one of life's most exquisite luxuries. And at this little St. Johns gold mine, luxury comes at a pittance. Pat gives us her all-time top five albums.

Music From Big Pink, by The Band: "I really like it because they are playing with Bob Dylan and a lot of their friends. It's very informal, like in somebody's living room, and I like that."

Riding With The King, by Eric Clapton & B.B. King: "They're both fantastic guitar players, and I love blues."

Kind Of Blue, by Miles Davis: "It seems a little different from what he usually plays. It's easier to live with if you're not a big jazz fan."

I Love Rock n' Roll, by Joan Jett: "So do I. She's just an independent woman, a real punker. I saw her in person, and she's great."

Grievous Angel, by Gram Parsons: "He's the one who discovered Emmylou Harris and on this record they sing together. He died like in his 20s, but he's one of my all time favorites."