Victor "Prince Paul" Nash

East-West Café

4505 SE Belmont

Victor loves vinyl. He even brings his own turntable from home just to listen to records at work. Here's what's at the front of the stacks:

Loose Fur by Jim O' Rourke and Jeff Tweedy: "Jim O' Rourke is a god amongst men."

Fulfillness' First Finale by Stevie Wonder: "Just because a record has a groove, doesn't make it in the groove."

Homecoming: Live at The Village Vanguard by Dexter Gordon: "This is just some bebop."

More Parts Per Million by The Thermals: "We're not Stumptown around here, but we like ourselves some Thermals."

Sweet Revenge by John Prine: "Fo shizzel ma nizzle! He's like John Cougar Mellencamp without the 'Cougar Mellencamp'."

Kay L. Newell

"The Light Bulb Lady"

from Sunlan Lighting, Inc.

3901 N. Mississippi

You may not give them much thought on most days, but light bulbs are actually pretty fun when you're not limited to the four-pack of plain janes from Freddy's. There are all kinds! And here are Kay's favorites:

• Full Spectrum: "They're so cool because they mimic natural sunshine. They make you feel good when we have our gorgeous, gray, cloudy, rainy-shine days that are normal for Portland."

• Color Bulbs: "Red, blue, green, yellow... Oooh, I've even got fuscia and purple! And the black light that just makes things glow."

• "For The Fun Of It" Bulbs: "Decorative bulbs that just add a little specialty."

• Long-Lasting Bulbs: "The kind of light bulbs that let me be a lazy old lady. I've got bulbs that last five thousand hours. You can put them in once and then forget them. You flip the switch and you get the light, and you don't get the 'Aaaah, light's out! Maaaaaa, get a light out of the closet!'"

• Odd-Sized Bulbs: "I've got bulbs so small that you can put ten of them on your fingernails to some bigger than your head!"