Logan Lynn

From Magpie

520 SW 9th

Speaking of all things fashion and doing & don'ting, fall is just around the corner. And my gawd bitch, what are you wearing? "Express yourself" all you want, but steer clear of these pitfalls. Pro clothier Logan warns of five fashion fuck-ups:

Don't tuck your shirt in!: "That's nonsense. Your dad would tuck a shirt in."

Don't overmatch!: "There's a lot more cute to be had in not matching."

Don't be afraid of the micro mini!: "There is no such thing as too much leg!"

Don't believe what the fashion magazines tell you!: "They're full of shit! I think what people do wrong is they read the magazines and pattern their wardrobe after that. It's not really how it should be."

Don't take yourself too seriously!: "We [the Magpie staff] just play around and buy stuff that we think is funny, and I think that's how we dress too. If it makes you laugh, it's good."

Caitlin Troutman

From Crowsenberg's Half & Half

923 SW Oak

The Half & Half is situated right between Counter Media and Reading Frenzy. It's also right around the corner from Powell's magazine room, which makes it the only coffee shop on "Media Row." So it's the perfect place to catch up on your magazine reading. Here are a few favorites from around the shop.

• Utne Reader: "No need for explanation."

• Us Weekly: "It's like a fast food fix. Or it's like a drug--I can spend an hour completely absorbed, and then throw it away and forget it."

• Bust: "I know it's dorky, but I'm still a woman."

• Vice: "It's like the hipster Us Weekly. I love the great fashion 'Do's & Don'ts.' And you can get it for free at a few places around town."

• Nylon: "They actually have a lot of accessible, semi-affordable clothes for a fashion magazine. It also gives me a lot of ideas for clothing design."