Nick Pidcock
From The Heathman Hotel
1001 SW Broadway

As a valet, Nick gets to drive luxury cars all the time--but mostly he parks them. However, who would know better which luxury car parks best? Start saving your penniesÉ

- Mercedes: "A very soft, smooth car to drive. Very comfortable, and very easy to park--even the older ones."

- Acura: "Most of them are sport compacts or pretty small luxury cars. When you're parking, it's nice to have something easy to back in."

- BMW: "A little more power. You only very lightly have to touch the gas when you're parking it. They're very easy to turn."

- Ferrari: "So nimble and so easy to move around. I was surprised the first time I drove one how well it accelerated and idled."

- Lexus: "The power steering is so well made, you hardly even have to touch it."

Morgan Miller
From Red & Black Coffee Collective
2138 SE Division

Morgan's part of a local coffee collective, where he entertains the patrons by playing music from international, politically charged recording artists. He managed to whittle his faves down to five:

- Fatima Mansions/Cathal Coughlan: "An Irish guy who writes absolutely brilliant thrash pop with a very sarcastic tone to it, about the way the system's set up."

- Manu Chao: "A Frenchman whose family were refugees from Fascist Spain. His songs are in French, Spanish, and English."

- Zebda: "They're French, of Algerian extractions, so it's a combination of North African raï music, Arabic dance music, combined with French folk music and hiphop."

- The Clash: "What can anybody say about The Clash? Too bad they're no longer around."

- Leon Rosselson: "An English folk singer who's been covered by just about everybody. He crafts exquisite songs, often about the English history of rebellion."