Troy Anderson

From Mt. Tabor Middle School

Magazine Drive

If you live in a residential neighborhood, expect trick or treaters at your door this Halloween. Are you ready to be kicked in the shins by some kid carrying a pillowcase? Troy advises you to stock the following items:

- Skittles: "They're chewy, so they last a long time. But they also dissolve so you don't have to spit them out like gum."

- Twix: "I like caramel, but not too much of it. And, well, you just need chocolate."

- Zours: "A little bit of tangy and sour taste. But not too much! Otherwise, you rot out your tongue and can't taste anything for like a day."

- Pixie Stix: "Sometimes you just need a sugar buzz."

- Tootsie Rolls: "An all-time classic. They last, like 50 years. You could have a pillow case full of them and eat one a day for like ten years."

Chris Williams

From Escape From New York Pizza

622 NW 23rd

It seems like Chris has a one-track mind. He works at a pizza joint that's named after a movie, and his favorite movies are all about pizza. Enter the churning thought process of this young man with his five favorite flicks:

- Loverboy (1989): "It's about a dude who delivers pizza, but then he delivers love to middle aged ladies. And he works at this place called Señor Pizza, which is the coolest name for a pizza restaurant ever."

- Do The Right Thing (1989): "It's all about a pizza shop! It has this guy named Radio Raheem!"

- High Fidelity (2000): "It teaches you how to deal with customers--rotten, rotten customers."

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990): "Those guys fuckin' love pizza! Big rubber suits and ninjas! Way better than Kill Bill. "

- Turbonegro: The Movie (1999): "They write songs about pizza. One of the guys even owns a pizza shop!"