Hank Failing IV
From Old Town Music
40 SW 3rd

If you need an imitation Kiss axe, Old Town Music is the place to go. And if you need suggestions on the greatest albums to listen to, they can help with that, too. Here are Hank's Top Albums of All Time:

- Journey to Satchidananda by Alice Coltrane: "The '70s Africanized cover is great. The album is totally sick."

- Marquee Moon by Television: "It just has awesome guitar riffs all the way through. From chorus to verses--just awesome."

- Swordfish Trombone by Tom Waits: "It's a cliché pick, but it's just sick. Nothing pisses me off about that album."

- Dirty by Sonic Youth: "It's a good introduction to them because I think it was at the height of their talent. Not like that goddamned Murray Street."

- Dead Man (soundtrack) by Neil Young: "All improvisational. It's all just his reaction to the movie. The album is just sick. And I don't say 'sick' that much."

Sharon Lassen
From Global Exchange
3508 SE Hawthorne

It's so hard to keep up with the Joneses, knowing which are the wrong chemical veggies or the worst sweatshop offenders. Sharon suggests things you can buy without feeling guilty about anything other than blowing your allowance:

- Fair trade coffee: "The second largest commodity on the global market. Buying fair trade coffee is benefiting 350,000 farmers in 22 countries."

- Fair trade chocolate: "Another big one. Instead of contributing to poverty, you are contributing to its end."

- Nepalese/Peruvian/Bolivian hats/scarves/gloves: "Made from raw materials that are available to people who've been making them for centuries."

- Toys: "Handmade, non-toxic stuffed animals that are really cool. Not made by children or sweatshop labor."

- Haitian Iron Work: "Made from old oil drums, so they're using crap that's been left in their country."