Heather Thomas
From Hattie's Vintage
729 E Burnside

It's getting dark at 4 pm and even when it's daylight, everything's flat grayÉ yep, it's time again for Seasonal Affective Disorder season in Portland! Heather gives the what's up on dressing right for the cold--so even if you're overnighting it on the depression train, at least you look good.

- Do invest major moola in a good coat: "A really great classic coat, like a wool car coat, will never go out of style."

- Do don a fancy scarf: "Especially if you can find a really unique oneÉ it will separate you from the crowd."

- Do wear a colorful tie: "Men should definitely wear great, unusual vintage ties during the Holiday season."

- Do wear gloves: "Little '50s wrist-length gloves--or fingerless ones if you're going '80s."

- Do wear comfortable boots: "Flat bootsÉ boots without heels. You can wear them to work all day, instead of wearing heeled ones and wanting to cut your feet off."

Dena Griffith
Fashion Design Student

She used to work at a thrift store, but they fired her for being so fashionably late. Still, she's got one of the best senses of style in town, as you'll see once she's out of school and outfitting the town. Until then, take warning:

- Don't de-forest: "It's disgusting when straight men wax their chests or groom their eyebrows, right? So leave a little bush."

- Don't let anyone use razor sheers on your hair: "Once I forgot to wear my contacts while getting a haircut, and didn't realize this girl was trying to give me an asymmetrical electroclash cut."

- Don't patronize high-end fashion houses: "Those fuckers feed off local designers. They turn it into something disgusting and have fucking J.LO promote it."

- Don't fear the nipple: "If you're an A-C cup--try it without the bra and let the boobs fall where they may."

- Don't tilt your mesh cap: "I don't care if you're Paris Hilton or a bike messenger--it's not cute."