Margaux Taylor

From Cup & Saucer Café

3566 SE Hawthorne

In between juggling heaping plates of eggs and tofu, Margaux took a minute to share her top five bands, giving us a sampling of the modern pop classics:

- The Gossip: "I love female vocalists and she can totally wail and has soul."

- The Decemberists: "They're really cute and poppy and almost sound British sometimes. They're a lot of fun, and they play out a lot."

- The Flaming Lips: "I've loved them for so long and for so many different reasons. They're just classically good to me."

- Fernando: "He's from Argentina and his parents are always at his shows looking all cute and selling his CDs. They're totally old and funny."

- Ween: "Every album is different and appeals to me for a different reason. 'What's this album going to be about? What drug is it going to be about?'"

Brad Popick

From Portland Outdoor Store

304 SW 3rd

It's cold, it's wet, it's time to stop screwing around and get something sensible for this weather. Brad offers his expertise on waterproof jackets:

- Wax/oiled cotton: "Those are a little heavy; they're a little more work-oriented."

- Canvas: "In 10 oz fabric, untreated, which some people are using with Nikwax and stuff. Nikwax is a waterproofing treatment for fabric, and it works out really well."

- 2-ply ripstop nylon: "For the bike riders and people like that, this is much lighter. It rolls up into a ball probably about 4'' x 6''."

- Hydromax: "A heavier weight, similar to GORE-TEX, it's a great product. More for like hiking, and maybe some more serious things."

- Oil skins: In short, mid-, and long lengths. The long one is a traditional riding coat but we actually sell it more as a street coat."