Eric Lyman
From Backspace
115 NW 5th Ave

Working in a place that serves up coffee, art, and games of all kinds makes Eric a well-rounded person. But, we figured we'd whittle down his area of expertise to video games. Here are his five favorites:

- Doom (original): "This is still the best first-person shooter. It has stood the test of time."

- Myst (including its sequels): "Excellent graphics, and it actually makes you use your brain (gasp!)."

- Return to Castle Wolfenstein: "I got addicted to this game when it first came out, and locked myself in a room and played it for two weeks until I bent it."

- Battlefield 1942: "Accurate to the time period, and lots of entertainment value."

- Q-Bert (arcade game): "No explanation required!"

Molly Cameron
From Veloshop
211 SW 9th

Everything in Molly's bike shop is vegan. So if you're the type who desperately needs a Kryptonite vegan pocket lock, you've come to the right place. Here are some more (vegan) things you need to be a bike badass like Molly:

- Sidi bike shoes: "They last forever. I think it was three years since I bought my last pair."

- Kryptonite pocket lock: "It's extremely efficient and fits in your pocket. The one problem with some mountain bikes is it won't fit around both your tire and your frame."

- Track bikes: "If you want to look cool like a bike messenger, this is definitely a necessity. A great looking bike with no brakes."

- Energy food: "The Clif Shot gel. It's just brown rice and cocoa, and trust me--it's so good. Also, Paley bars just came out this year, which are made locally and way more natural than the Clif bar."

- Selle San Marco seats: "Most of their saddles are made out of Lorica, which is really good and lasts a bit longer than leather."