Victor Blanger
From La Casita
607 SE Morrison

One of the much-needed late night eateries moved a little while ago, but luckily it's still within spittin' distance from bars like Holocene and My Father's Place. Plus the new location has a bar/dancing room with a sunny mural and little fake parrots. Victor shares a few of his favorite selections of music they like to get down to:

- Shakira: "Most of the music we play here is in Spanish, and she's one of the rock-pop artists that's popular."

- Juanes: "The most popular artist of 2003, he was the one who took most of the Spanish Grammys."

- La Mosca: "This group is from Argentina, and they're kind of rock."

- Joe Cuba Sextet: "A mix of tango, salsa, and jazz. They're from Cuba originally, but now they live in the Miami area."

Jimmy Mack
From Portland Nursery
5050 SE Stark

It's time to grow up and learn to take care of a houseplant. A real one. It makes your house way more comforting, and it's psychologically beneficial. We know everything you touch dies, though, so we got Jimmy to step up and suggest a few plants that might be tough enough to live with negligent little you:

- Zamioculcas zamiifolia ("ZZ" for short): "It's extremely easy to grow. It doesn't want to be watered a lot, maybe once a month. It never gets all that big, and I've never encountered one with bugs or a disease--and it's cool looking."

- Cactus: "There are thousands and thousands of cactuses for every personality."

- Jade: "They're great for indoor bonzai. You just break off the little leaves until you get the right shape."

- Pothos: "Usually you see them in hanging baskets. It does great in low light, like in most people's kitchens."

- Aloe: "In the aloe family there are a lot of varieties. Some of them are very skinny, with a long pointy leaf that looks very cool."