Clara Jett

From the Booth Family

Clarita just turned four, and some of her favorite things are eating olives off her fingers, listening to Melt-Banana while jumping on the bed, and watching movies. Here are her top five--mostly vintage--films, in no particular order (runners up included Vanilla Sky and the Disneyland trip-planning video):

- Jem! (1985): "I like it because she likes to change her earrings a lot. And I like the songs. I like the Misfits!"

- She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985): "I like her because she likes to kill everybody that's mean to her. Like the guy that's yucky."

- Peter Pan (1953): "I like Tinkerbell, and I like it when they fly."

- Princess Mononoke (1997): "I like the princess that rides the wolves. I don't like all the blood, though."

- Cinderella (1950): "I like it when the princess and the prince dance!"

Steve Roach

From Gordon's Fireplace Shop & Fine Home Furnishings

3300 NE Broadway

It's time to BBQ! That's right, break out the beer, beans, and buns! And anyone can get a cheap grill at Freddy's, but serious BBQers will invest from $600 to $10,000 (?!?!) on these Rolls Royce range grills:

- Enviro Bistro Barbecues: "For people who like to do stir fry, there's a piece that lifts out of one of the burners so you can put a wok in."

- Vermont Casting: "There is an enameled portion on the top of these, so they come in different colors."

- Sterling Forge: "The stainless steel is nice in this part of the country, because we get so much rain."

- Fire Magic: "They specialize in drop-in and built-in grills. A drop-in uses a structure that's already built, like a low wall, and you cut out a space to drop in the grill. Built-ins have structures built around them."