From Tumbleweed
1804 NE Alberta

As the owner of one of Alberta street's cutest little boutiques, which houses her own line as well as many others, Kara is so down with fashion. Here are some of her suggestions for things you can wear to have a fun, happy closet:

- DO expose your lingerie: "I mean good lingerie, like vintage slips. We don't want to see any Gap Body hanging out."

- DO mix prints: "Mix floral prints with stripes. Just make sure some of the colors are coordinating so it blends."

- DO use shoes: "Wear fun-colored shoes or contrasting shoes with your outfit. Like if you're wearing a blue dress, wear yellow or red shoes."

- DO exfoliate: "Scrub your skin with brown sugar before you shower and get dressed. It feels really good, and gives your skin a good glow."

- DO be subtle: "Leave something to the imagination, and dress subtly. You don't have to squeeze into your dress (but you definitely have to squeeze into your jeans). There's something about being subtly sexy."

Amanda Foley
From Imelda's
3426 SE Hawthorne

Working among heaps of nice shoes means that Amanda's got them on the brain. And don't do any of these things, because she might have to look at it! This is a short list of no-nos that she finds totally ick:

- DON'T wear pantyhose with sandals: "In fact, don't wear pantyhose at all. Ever."

- DON'T wear yellow shoes if you have pale skin: "It totally makes you look jaundiced. I wish I could wear yellow shoes, but I will not."

- DON'T wear Converse: "They're overrated, and not comfortable anyway."

- DON'T hide your shoes: "If you can't see your shoes under your pants, either your pants are too long or your shoes are too short."

- DON'T wear cheap shoes: "There's no excuse, and everyone can tell."