Sean Dreywood

From Rose & Raindrop

532 SE Grand

Perhaps it's the wood paneling, but old timey bars are the best places to sip a cocktail while digging into a good book. During slow moments behind the bar, here's what Sean might be readingÉ

- Cascadia: "It's a 1970s textbook of Pacific Northwest geology, and how everything formed around this area."

- Geomorphology: "A textbook from the '40s that studies how things like mountains and glaciers are formed."

- Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volumes 1, 2 & 3 by Micheal Getz and John Dwork: "A must-have for any Grateful Dead fan. It covers every show, including set lists."

- 100 Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades by William Sullivan: "It covers the Three Sisters area, Three Fingered Jack, the old cascadesÉ lots of great hikes."

-Empire Falls by Richard Russo: "It's a small-town story of a man who runs the town diner. It's a picture of his life, and the town itself."

Jenny Osborn

From Bark Busters

You never know when that cute little puppy can snap, and all of the sudden you're embroiled in a dog-to-man assault. Heed Jenny's advice about avoiding dog bites, 'cuz she's never been bitten:

- Don't assume a running dog will bite: "They have very poor eyesight, and they're not good at distinguishing facial features. But don't try to pet it. Some dogs will really freak out when you try to pet them."

- Stand still: "Don't run or scream or flap your little hands. They might think that you're being aggressive."

- Don't stare: "That's very threatening."

- Throw food: "If you have any with you, throw it to distract the dog--although you're not usually running around with a pocket full of kibble or a yummy sandwich."

- Don't get up: "If a dog knocks you down, just lie still. Perhaps curl up in a ball."