Nicholas Montgomery
From Rock Soft Futon
1606 NW 23rd

A futon is a futon is a futon, right? Nope. Let Nicholas the futon-maker guide you through the challenge of finding the right frame. 'Cuz the whole "mattress on the floor" look is on its way out:
- The Arizona: "This particular frame has storage for magazines and remote controls or coffee cups. It's very universal."
- The Soho: "This frame is a platform bed; it doesn't fold into a couch. It comes in a teak finish, which is like a reddish blonde color--it's super nice."
- The Tribeca: "That comes in one finish, an oak stain. It reminds me of Mission-style furniture."
- The Mystique: "A European metal frame with wood slats. It converts really easily and it's very durable."
- The Riviera: "Made out of pine, handmade in Portland, and very affordable."

Matthieu Parenteau
From The Volumes

If you want to know about music, ask a musician. Matthieu takes a break from his duties on the guitar to play with knives and talk about his five (or six) favorite songs of the moment:

- "17 Years" by Ratatat: "It's the sexiest song I've heard in the last 10 seconds."
- "It Serves You Right To Suffer" by John Lee Hooker: "I think the title's pretty self-explanatory. I like it because it does."
- "Haitian Fight Song" by Charlie Mingus: "It's like 13 minutes long. It sounds like music exploding."
- "Psychotic Reaction" by Count 5: "I like the lyric 'I can't get no love/I can't get satisfaction/I only get psychotic reaction.'"
- Toss-up between "Insectivora" and "Young Lions" by The Constantines: "On 'Insectivora,' just listen to the song. There's a pickup on 'four and,' which is way cooler than a pickup on 'one.' 'Young Lions' is like a shout out to the kids, but sort of sad too. I think more bands should give shouts to the kids."