Emiko Badillo
From Food Fight! Vegan Grocery
4179 SE Division

Sure, brag about how pure and natural your lifestyle is, but the fact remains--if you're gettin' it on with normal condoms or standard lube, your sexual hijinx are with an unwelcome participantÉ A DEAD ANIMAL! Never fear, as Emiko is the go-to gal for info on gettin' it on, vegan style:

- Vegan Condoms: "Most people don't know that most normal condoms have milk products in them--it just makes them softer. So that's why we have these. We use them, and they're fine."

- Vegan Lube: "Most lubes have glycerin and stuff like that. So this is probably better for you, since it's more natural."

- Vegan "Fudge Fantasy": "The name itself is fitting, soÉ um, do what you wish with that."

Angi Moss
From Videorama
1136 NW Lovejoy

All right, pansy-ass--you're too chicken to go to the porn store, and you've already watched Blockbuster's entire stock of straight to video "erotic thrillers" like Poison Ivy vols. 1-3. So what's next? Angi knows some movies about sex--some nice, some not--plus, she won't make you feel embarrassed when you rent 'em!

- The Good Old Naughty Days (2003): "Just classic. Shorts that were made in Europe to show men in the waiting rooms in brothels. I was a little shocked at some of the stuff they were getting away with back then--stuff that would still be considered shocking."

- Daughters of Darkness (1971): "Probably one of the most beautiful girls in the world [Andrea Rau] engages in some lesbian vampire sex."

- Irreversible (2002): "Not a good date movie. Probably one of the more disturbing French films. Sex and violence go hand in hand in this one. They did like a 10-minute rape scene all in one shot, no editing. [Monica Bellucci's] husband actually stars in the movieÉ He requested not to be on the set that day."