Rita Badalamenti
From Otsu
4181 SE Division

Vegans, you might want to move to Division. Next door to the vegan grocery is this new boutique, with clothes, cookbooks, accessories, and shoes--ALSO VEGAN!

- Otsu octopus T-shirt: "It's got a really subtle logo designed by a vegetarian graphic artist, Susie Ghahremani. All of our T-shirts are from American Apparel--everything here's sweatshop-free."

- Coach trainer: "A good, casual shoe made by Vegetarian Shoes from England. They're completely vegan down to the glues, made out of a high quality synthetic that breathes and breaks down like leather."

- Astro satchel messenger: "They have cute designs like banana leaves, orchids, popsicles, and clouds."

- Nara wallet: "Made in Oakland, CA out of paint swatches and comes in a billfold or checkbook style."

Nicole Georges
From In Other Words
3734 SE Hawthorne

The bookstore Nicole works at is all about women. So it's no wonder her favorite tomes deal with growing up as a girl:

- A Child's Life by Phoebe Gloeckner: "An autobiographical novel of a teenage girl who has sex with her mom's boyfriend, gets mixed up with drugs, and has an abusive dad."

- Down & Dirty Sex Secrets: The New & Naughty Guide to Being Great in Bed by Tristan Taormino: "The anal sex queen schools you in the basics of sex, all the way to full-on fisting."

- Biff Magazine: "A really cool zine by nine-year-old Allie Donahue, and her dad. They 'leave no trashcan unturned and always bite back the dog who bit you.'"

- The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman: "The 13-year-old protagonist, Lyra, rides a bear and kills God with the help of gay angels and witches--wow."