From Huber's
411 SW 3rd Avenue

As summer fades, Oregonians increasingly turn to alcohol to stave off those SADD feelings. Charlie recommends a few ways to warm up as the weather grows cold and dreary.

- Spanish Coffee: "This is by far our most popular drink. It's made with Bacardi 151, Kahluah, and Triple Sec, so it's pretty strong, but the best part is watching us make it. Each bartender has their own technique--one guy pours it behind is head, I do it in a circleÉ we like to put on a show, show lots of flair."

- The Shakespeare: "I make a lot of theseÉ it's Kahlua, Nocello, Grand Marnier, and the glass is rimmed with cinnamon and sugar."

- Irish Coffee: "This one is mostly popular with old-timers looking for something simple that tastes like whiskey. We make it with Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and whipped cream."

From Reading Frenzy
921 SW Oak Street

School's almost back in session, and local zine maven Chloe has an educationally themed list of resources for students and non-students alike.

- Hey Kidz! Buy This Book by Anne Elizabeth Moore, illustrations by Megan Kelso: "A handy radical primer on media literacy and political activism for aspiring middle-school militants."

- How To Get Stupid White Men Out of Office, edited by Adrienne Maree Brown and William Upski Wimsatt: "From the right-on kids behind come 20 tales of youth activists who have creatively swung or won elections around the country."

- Hairstyles of The Damned, by Joe Meno: "Just in case you need another reason to be glad you're not in high school anymore, read this hilarious and heartfelt take on the teenage outcast experience--circa 1984."