From Portland Wine Merchants
1430 SE 35th & Hawthorne

Want to woo your date with a fine bottle of wine and have enough cash left over to buy 'em breakfast? Rory offers a few classy yet affordable picks--and if you ask real nice, he'll even tell you how the names are pronounced.

- 2001 Cotes de Venteux ($7.95) "This table wine is our 'Steal of the Month,' from one of the best producers in France. It's like going to France without the airfare."

- 1999 Isenbourg Riesling ($9.95) "This bone-dry white has a refreshing, food- friendly texture."

- 2001 Kenwood Zinfandel ($9.95) "We don't sell a lot of American wine--I'd rather vacation in Italy than California--but this is by far the best Zinfandel you'll find for under $10. You'd pay $60 for this at a restaurant."

From Ground Kontrol
610 SW 12th

If anybody knows arcade games, it's Mark, and he's here to tell you which games give you the best bang for your quarter.

- Tempest: "This game basically consists of flying down a hallway in outer space shooting things. It's very loveable and frantic."

- Robotron: "Everybody hates Robotron until they get good at it--and then it becomes their favorite game of all time."

- Addams Family Pinball: "I picked this one because Raul Julia is in it, but it's also just one of the best pinball games out there--good flow, good layout, silly without being schlocky."

- 720 Degrees: "Everything about this one is great. It's a skateboarding game with a rad soundtrack… and if you don't make it to the skate park in time you get chased by killer bees!"

- Fishtales: "It's all about rednecks fishing. I think that's all I need to say about that."