From Scooter's
3312 SE Belmont St

Yeah, global warming sucks, but hey--at least it means we'll get a few more sunny days out of the deal, right? On one of those late summer/early fall sunny days, Jessie from Scooter's would be happy to help you decide what your best bet is for the last ice cream cone of the summer.

- Organic ice cream: "Our organic flavors really taste homemade. The vanilla and hazelnut are the best."

- Ice cream sandwiches: "These are made with non-dairy soft-serve and vegan homemade chocolate chip cookies. They're popular with both vegans and non-vegans."

- Raspberry sherbet: "Now, this is my personal favorite flavor… I really don't think you can go wrong with it."

From The Know
2026 NE Alberta

Portland has a vibrant film scene full of talented people… but chances are that you don't know about any of 'em! Is that your fault? Hell no--so much talent can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Lars has thoughtfully selected a few of his favorite local compilations and films..

- Portland Peripheral Produce: The 'All Time Greatest Hits' was curated by our local independent documentary and experimental film guru, Matt McCormick. This compilation includes tons of great stuff from local artists." (

- Hello! Video: "Hello! Video does really phenomenal stuff. Episode Eight is my personal favorite. They also have a really cool website where you can get an idea of what their work is like." (

- Oregon Department of Kickass: "Vanessa Renwick just finished up her Heart Attack Island tour with a show at the Meow Meow. Her newest film features a unique experimental presentation utilizing three screens." (