Greg Camlin
From Lit
214 SW 8th

One of the things that comes with working at a boutique is the fashion parade that marches in and out of the store all day. You see people fall victim to terrible trends, ill-fitting pieces, and unflattering colors. But Greg's no asshole, so here he offers some suggestions for things that DO look good this fall:

- DO wear skinny jeans and high tops: "No one's really into a bootcut anymore, so if you're going to wear a skinny jean, rock a good sneaker with it."

- DO wear deep V-necks: "On guys especially, on a skinny guy it's kind of like that heroin chic look."

- DO wear bling: "Don't be afraid of bling, especially gold, and just have fun with it--like guns and razor blades and things like that."

- DO wear the new fall colors: "Just because it's cold out doesn't mean you have to wear black. On the girls' side, it's definitely purple. On the men's side, I see more greens and blues."

Jason Brown
From New American Casuals
326 SE Morrison

Jason owns a big shop filled with designer clothes from hip, interesting labels. Plus, he's always throwing crazy-ass art openings, like the current one for an amazing collection of rare and vintage sneakers. He knows what he likes and he's a real sweetie, but…

- DON'T dress like Austin Powers: "The only time this fall you should dress shagadelic is on Halloween. No striped hip-huggers unless you're on a rock stage, no faux fur coats in funky colors, and no polyester disco shirts."

- DON'T wear a big vintage fur hat: "You look like a short bus kid."

- DON'T wear mohair sweaters that haven't been dry cleaned since last year: "They smell."

- DON'T wear dreadlocks if you're a white kid: "Always a fashion don't. You know how they say you can't smell yourself? Well you can't smell your own dreadlocks either."