Will Watts
From Everyday Music
1931 NE Sandy

Will spends his days surrounded by CDs. New CDs, local CDs, crappy CDs, used CDs--you get the picture. So who better to share with us his current fave music picks?

- Wheedle's Groove: "It's a compilation from a record label in Seattle [Light in The Attic]. A DJ found all this funk and soul from the late '60s to the mid-'70s, and it's all from Seattle."

- Special Herbs & Spices by MF Doom: "It's all the instrumental tracks that he's contributed to other records over the past year or so."

- The Tipping Point by the Roots: "It's definitely them hitting their stride. They've added some new members and with the new production it seems like they finally have it all together."

- You Hold The World Like A Gun by Thieves: "It's this guy Greg Reynaud, who can play everything--sampler, drums, guitar. It's kind of like instrumental Bj-rk or Prefuse 73."

From Madame Bouffant's Custom Wigs and Repairs
(971) 409-2189

Wigs are the perfect last-minute Halloween costume--endless possibilities with minimal effort. Stephanie of Madame Bouffant's knows how to get the hair that will take you there:

- Why wigs? "A wig isn't a big commitment, but it can make a huge difference. Wigs can take you from librarian to porn star, and vice versa."

- Experiment: "You don't necessarily have to go with your natural hair color--with enough fake eyeliner and lipstick you can get away with anything."

- Styling: "It's all about the hairspray--load on the hair cement. If you're going dancing, be prepared to put in at least 40 bobby pins. Blow-dryers, curling irons, anything with heat--that's a big no-no."

- Caps: "Don't be afraid to wear a wig cap--we all look like drag queens sometimes. They prevent fly-aways and make the wig less itchy."