Craig Olson

From Design Within Reach

1200 NW Everett

There are more no-nos to decorating than just erroneous feng shui. Craig warns of pitfalls that could make your house less happy:

- DON'T homogenize: "Don't fill up a whole room with furniture that's one style. Contrast between pieces is more interesting and avoids the 'model home' look."

- DON'T be hasty: "Don't start painting a room without testing the color first in one area and living with it for a while."

- DON'T buy artwork to match your décor: "If anyone is still doing this, please stop now."

- DON'T just consider the cost of a piece of furniture: "Consider its long-term value. An expensive piece that you'll enjoy for years is a much better value than something of low quality that will end up as landfill shortly."

Patrick Fisher

From Hive

820 NW Glisan

Even if you're "hardly ever home," the state of your habitat has an immense effect on your mind. Try some of Patrick's guidelines to make your place a place that's good to be.

- DO be real: "If you're buying modern designer furniture, buy authentic and licensed versions or vintage originals. There is a difference, and you will thank yourself later."

- DO add flora: "You can have all the right things, but if your space lacks inspiration, it won't matter how much you spent or what you have. Try a vase with fresh cut flowers--hear me now and believe me later."

- DO buy books: "Or try to educate yourself about furniture history and designers. A historical context will give you the proper appreciation, inspiration, and will increase your enjoyment."

- DO go to yard sales: "And estate sales and thrift stores. Employ the knowledge you've gained, and you'll get significant pieces for next to nothing. With a little tenacity, you'll soon be able to recognize that the $5 chair at the bins is actually a Hans Wegner piece worth $3,000."