John Doyle

From No Fish! Go Fish!

3962 SE Hawthorne

Now that it's the other side of Thanksgiving, what in blasted hell are you supposed to do with all this leftover turkey??!! Take a couple tips from John for something more creative than a turkey sandwich:

- Turkey Soup: "I think it's much better than chicken soup and has a richer flavor." - Turkey Croquettes: "Chopped turkey, minced onion, celery, and jalapeño sprinkled with a little flour and some water, formed into patties or balls. Then you fry 'em up."

- Turkey Tetrazzini: "Just add turkey to your favorite cream sauce, pour that over some cooked pasta, and sprinkle with parmesan and some chopped parsley."

- Turkey Shepherd's Pie: "Layer the turkey with whatever leftover veggies you have, top with leftover mashed potatoes, run a fork across the top, bake till it's good and hot, then broil briefly to get the potatoes crisp."

Yukiyo "Yuki" Onishi

From Shanghai Steakery Restaurant & Lounge

16 NW Broadway

It's the season of the sloth, and there's nothing better to compliment the sleepy food piled up to your rapidly multiplying chins than a few movies. Keep it light and familiar, like the flicks Yuki plays behind the bar at one of Portland's diviest best-kept secrets:

- Screwed (2000): "It's about a botched kidnapping of a dog. I like Danny De Vito in that movie, he's kind of creepy." - Office Space (1999): "It's always nice to give the finger to your employer."

- The Rundown (2003): "It's like, an action movie and it moves very fast. I can't remember the plotÉ which proves you shouldn't get drunk and watch movies. Anyhow, it's good."

- The Breakfast Club (1985): "I used to watch it in high schoolÉ Or when I was supposed to be at high school, but would be watching this and drinking."

- Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (1998): "It kind of reminds me of my bar. DefinitelyÉ definitely."