Genna Golden

From Gold

1524 NE Alberta

One of the only things that can act as an effective distraction from the fact that we're all freezing our little nubbies off is the onset of holiday partying! Find small comfort in the prospect of nights of food, libation, and, of course, sexy, stylish holiday party clothes. Take a tip or two from Genna:

- DO defy the cold: "Wear a low neckline, show some skin--confidently reveal more than usual." - DO wear something noticeable: "Wear one outstanding accessory, like feathers in your hair, sparkles on your eyelids, or your grandmothers rhinestone necklace."

- DO pay attention to the details: "Wear the sexy, pointy shoes that live in the back of your closet with thigh highs underneath your skirt. No one need see them, but you'll know they're there."

- DO lose the fuzz: "Take this opportunity to shave that 2" midwinter growth from your armpits."

- DO cover up: "Wear a wrap, shrug, or vintage fur to stay warm between tangos and barhopping."

Rachael Allen

From FIX

1914 E Burnside

You may be full to bursting with the holiday spirit, eager to spread that Christmas glee to all who flit past in their holiday party frocks, but not so fast: Make sure your cheer doesn't wind up making you look like the centerpiece of a crappy lawn decoration arrangement! Heed the warnings of Rachael:

- DON'T be a jingle bell: "Those annoying little bells... Okay for sleigh rides and caroling but not around the workplace." - DON'T dress outside your species: "Reindeer headbands.... never.... not even as white elephant gifts."

- DON'T put Santa Claus in drag: "Santa hats and mini skirts--don't be such a HO HO HO."

- DON'T get caught in a snowstorm: "Don't be a Rudolph the red nosed cokehead."

- DON'T point out the obvious: "Don't wear anything with a Christmas motif--doi!"