Aaron Renier


A local cartoon writer and author of such fine tomes as Banana Soup, Aaron graciously extends his artistic sensibility to your yard. Because when it comes to Christmas lawn ornamentation, it's not about getting mad, it's about getting even:

- Snow: "Be the only house on the block with a white Christmas by using a Backyard Blizzard Snow Machine." (backyardblizzard.com) - Singing Moose: "Say Merry Christmas to your mailman with a Motion Detecting Singing Moose Wreath!" (collectionsetc.com)

- Joseph: "What could celebrate faith better than a 3-Foot Inflatable Baby Jesus? A 7-foot Inflatable Joseph!" (yardinflatables.com)

- Santa: "I couldn't be more excited about the Five Foot Animatronic Black Dancing and Singing Santa. It doubles as a karaoke machine!" (yardinflatables.com)

- Seasons Greetings: "Nothing says Seasons Greetings like a 15-by-30 foot light-up sign that reads 'Seasons Greetings.'" (holidaydesigns.com)

Matt Wright


Matt is a DJ (Cum Lazer), a publicist (Berbati's, Holocene), a music blog blogger, and a very astute young man who is well qualified to inform the populous on excellent records:

- Blitzen Trapper, Field Rexx (blitzentrapper.net): "They've got this totally unique sound, kind of slanted country pop with creative electronic production and wild rock-out tangents."

- Juicy Panic, Otarie (InPolySons): "They make this insane mix of hyper-detailed electronica and twisted munchkin pop."

- Swell Maps, A Trip to Marineville (Secretly Canadian): "Swell Maps was an amazing post-punk band from England that put out two albums, both of which have just been re-released. This is the first, which is more catchy and fun than their second."

- MIA, Galang (XL): "All the music critics are pooping themselves over this right now, and for good reason. It's like Aphex Twin, Missy, and Beanie Man rocking out in the Star Wars bar. Or maybe South London."