Adam Arnold
Designer, Portland, OR

Adam Arnold creates clothing that is--unlike New York runway designs--both eye catching and wearable. Check out his website, but first check out his fashion "don'ts."

- DON'T be a copycat: "No one wants to be approached by a Ross Dress For Less version of Renee Zellweger."

- DON'T ever wear jester hats or hats with animal ears: "This goes for everyone over the age of 9 months. Get real, it isn't cute, it's moronic. By the way, if it's made of polar fleece, double dip that don't."

- DON'T wear dresses with jeans: "Are you that cold? Or do you enjoy looking confused?"

- DON'T wear clothing that doesn't fit: "Striped polo shirt that ends before your pants begin? Rustlers that expose a full inch and a half of white socks? Someone look at the baby, he's getting so big!"

- DON'T wear purple, ever: "Jewel tones are meant to be in settings, not all over. If you decide to don this abhorrent shade--especially from head to toe--you run the risk of looking like a whore."

Emily Katz & Shaun Deller
From Bonnie Heart Clyde

Fashion duo Emily and Shaun, aka Bonnie and Clyde, embroider their original drawings onto new and vintage clothing, creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Take a hint with their handy list of fashion "dos."

- DO mix casual with formal: "Wear hoodies under vintage blazers; it's sporty and classy at the same time."

- DO wear a hat: "Keep your ears snuggly warm with unique winter hats. Appliqué, embroidery, and shiny buttons all add to your personalized look."

- DO buy new shoes: "Invest in the pair of blue and silver flats you have been eyeing for months. Strut the New Year in with thankful feet."

- DO wear in your clothing: "Tear more holes in your jeans. Be less cautious on your next bike commute, or better yet, start Zoo Bombing in your new pair of Diesels. The '80s are still back, and revealing holes and abrasions can only make your denim sexier."