DJ Dantronix

Between DJing at parties, events, and bars like Tube, making a music documentary, and working at a record store, Dantronix found some records, songs, labels, and artists you maybe never heard, and should:

- Glass Candy, "Life After Sundown" (available on the Life After Sundown 12"): "Addictive guitar tones reminiscent of PiL's 'Death Disco.' Superb production and an all-around well-written song."

- Phones: "My favorite re-mixer at large next to Mr. Oizo. From Bloc Party to the Futureheads, this guy has the ear. Anything he fiddles with, I buy and jam."

- Dosh, Pure Trash: "Innovative, unconventional, and eye-opening. In the vein of Minotaur Shock and Kim Hiorthoy."

- M83, Before The Dawn Heals Us: "If Daft Punk produced My Bloody Valentine I imagine it would come out something like this."

- Audio Dregs: "This label has been at it since the '90s and is locally run by E*rock (Eric Mast) & his brother Evan Mast (of Ratatat). A slew of releases including a sweet LP by Strategy (Paul Dickow), Drumsolo's Delight."

Gina Chatterton
From Kalista Salon
116 NE 28th

When it comes to salon treatments, we DIYers sometimes get a little cocky. Maybe you can give yourself an at-home pedicure, but here are a few beauty processes you should never try yourself:

- Hair Color: "Do not used boxed color ever, because the color correction can cost you up to $200. And no henna--your hair will literally melt off if you try to do a chemical process on it afterward."

- Zit Extraction: "Don't pick at your own face. You'll end up looking like you have scurvy or something."

- Waxing: "Especially the eyebrows. You'll bruise yourself severely, rip your skin, bleed."

- Extension Removal: "You can really thrash your hair pulling them out because they're glued in."

- Skincare Shopping: "Don't use petroleum based products, or products with mineral oil on your skin. It really seriously clogs your pores and causes pimples and blackheads."