Magali Corzo

Magali moved to Portland from Argentina, so now we get first dibs on the beautiful dresses she designs. Check out her work, as well as 10 other local designers at this First Thursday's trunk show at Wieden + Kennedy, 219 NW 12th, 6th Floor, 6 pm.

DO Customize: "Remember what styles of cut look good on you, and then have your designer make them for you."

DO Coordinate Your Attributes: "Wear blue if you have blue eyes. It'll accentuate them."

DO Elongate: "Make your legs look longer with miniskirts."

DO the See-thru: "Wear multiple transparent layers."

DO wear black: "Black clothes always look more expensive, flattering, and sophisticated."

Alicia Carr
From PDX Fashion Incubator

PDX Fashion Incubator supports local designers as both a resource and a mentor. (Check their website for a comprehensive NW boutique directory, volunteer opportunities, and more.) Alicia's extensive experience has surely helped shape her opinion on a few of these DON'TS:

DON'T be Uggly: "For the love of god, don't wear Ugg boots unless you live in a place that actually has snow or you are under five years old."

DON'T be afraid of hats: "It's a whole realm of fashion that seems to be unexplored these days."

DON'T go tubin': "Guys, please don't wear white socks. There are not very many situations that warrant them. If you do, at least don't flaunt them."

DON'T match: "You're better off complimenting--or better yet clashing--textures, colors, and prints."

DON'T be sandal guy: "Don't be tempted by 'mandals.' Stick to cheap flip-flops or at least good Italian leather."