Kasey Jones
Oregon Bus Project

With media outlets being gobbled up by corporate monsters, what's left for the independent voices? We asked Kasey Jones, an editor for Oregon Bus Project's Zephyr Magazine, how she filters her press.

Wonkette.com: "Blogs are heaven. I go to Wonkette daily to keep up with what's up in D.C. Like, did you know Laura Bush is a chain smoker?"

Dailykos.com: "A favorite among progressives for in-depth comprehensive coverage of national issues and party politics."

Harper's Magazine (www.harpers.org/HarpersIndex.html): "The Harper's Index provides a great source of fuel for the liberal minded."

Center for American Progress (www.americanprogress.org): "Their progress reports and analysis of public policy are detailed yet easy to understand."

Commondreams.org: "Excellent collection of daily articles and editorials covering everything from the environment to genocide to minimum wage to human rights."

Scott Goodstein
Punk Voter

In the Rock Against Bush Tour, Punk Voter political director Scott Goodstein saw the rise of angry rockers against Bush. Here are some of Scott's favorite organizations that evolved out of "disdain for Dubya":

Run Against Bush ( www.runagainstbush.org): "Wear an anti-Bush T-shirt and run for the cause! They raised over $750,000 and had over 15,000 runners! These people are still running."

Driving Votes ( www.drivingvotes.org): "Partnered with Howard Dean's Democracy for America, Driving Votes offers do-it-yourself-style political activism that encourages youth to road trip for the cause!"

Start Change ( www.startchange.org): "Evolved from the Stop Sinclair Broadcasting Movement, which stopped a conservative media group from airing an hour-long attack ad before the election."

Music for America (www.musicforamerica.org): "Music of all genres, working for left-leaning politics."