DJ Makeout

Spring is in the air, and Portland's repressed winter passion is finally blossoming. DJ Makeout--AKA Abner Gutierrez--dishes his juicy hotspots for gettin' your love-thang on:

Masu: "It's the classic romantic date place. Sushi + Making out = Love."

The Red Light's dressing rooms: "When it comes to making out, you can get away with anything in those rooms."

Mt. Tabor: "You can get some good weed up there from some hippies that will put you in the mood."

Kelly's Olympian: "Tuesday nights are the best for making out at this sexy place--that's when I deejay, and I'll make out with all the ladies."

Everyday Music: "The aisles are so big and wide--just sit down and go at. Nothing gets me more worked up than the rotting smell of old cardboard."

Isaac Slusarenko
From Jackpot Records
203 SW 9th

Remember back when we just listened to music, and didn't need to see the band and their videos? Those were dark days for Isaac Slusarenko, curator for Jackpot Records' Film Festival, which starts Monday. He offers a few more choice music films, in case you can't make the fest:

Mission of Burma - Live at the Bradford: "The last show ever recorded for this quintessential punk band. Performed in 1983, just before they broke up. Two years ago, they got back together--but this is an essential film for anyone who never got to see the band in their prime."

Wild In The Streets: "A 1968 film in which teen music idol Max Frost runs for president. His platform is lowering the voting age to 14."

Rock Hasta Que Se Ponga el Sol: "An Argentine rock festival from the early '70s. The bands sound like a spicy blend between The Beatles and The Minutemen."

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same: "It's so bad that it's good."