Bradford Duval
From Corazzo Design
935 NE Couch

Bradford's company makes snazzy, functional riding gear, and his is just one of the many local businesses that help to make Portland the motorcycle and scootering mecca that it is. Here are his faves!

Norton America: "The culmination of Kenny Dreer's re-building of the Norton brand, featuring the Norton 952 Commando."

Corazzo Design: "Locally grown scooter and motorcycle boy does good. Locally designed, produced, and sold."

SpeedyMoto: "They make bling for your Ducati--rearsets, clutch covers, etc."

ID Workshop: "They design a lot of motorcycle footwear. They're putting out the coolest shit, mostly off-road."

Vicious Cycle: "Racer owned and operated. It's kind of a 'ride what you bring' shop; they'll work on anything."

Joe Pethoud
From Vicious Cycle
3961 NE MLK

Joe's shop, Vicious Cycle, gets all kinds of props from local riders (see Bradford's picks above, for instance). So who better to ask for his top favorite motorcycles of all time? Here he offers up a nice variety of the rare and accessible, just in case all the motorcycle madness is giving you the urge to ride:

Britten: "It's cool because it was conceived and built pretty much by one guy. It was a purpose-built race motorcycle. He built about 10 of them and then he died. They're kind of priceless."

PW50 Yamahas: "Little, tiny, dinky motorcycles--which is cool because that's where the new motorcyclists are going to come from. They're a little kid's dream."

Dual-Purpose Motorcycles: "A type of motorcycle for both on-road and off-road riding. I think it's the best all-around type of motorcycle."

Kawasaki Z1000: "I think it's just cool-looking. It's kind of a naked, standard kind of bike."

Anything That's Not a Chopper: "They don't turn, they don't stop, they're unsafe at all speeds."