Tristan Evans
From The Sapphire Hotel
5008 SE Hawthorne

Summer's comin' and it's time to shed that old lover for a brand spanking new one! And who better to give dating tips than a server at one of the most romantic restaurants in town? Speak the truth, Tristan!

Don't overly dress to impress: "Don't look like you're trying too hard or you'll scare your date away."

Don't Irish Shower: "Don't bathe yourself in scent. Walk-throughs only--if any at all. Not even patchouli! Don't wear anything that smells like forestry unless you're going on a first date in the woods."

Don't get fucked up: "Go easy on the booze. Keep the date going without getting 86ed or spilling your life story. However, if the date isn't going so well, this rule doesn't apply."

Whoever does the asking out, should pay: "It's nice if the date offers to split the bill, but don't accept it!"

Zachary Reno
From Anthem Records
828 SE 34th

Ever seen a shop with entire sections devoted to black metal and stoner doom rock? Don't worry, Anthem's also got all the disco and indie greats you could want, not to mention a huge and cheap used section. Here are some albums Zach suggests for impressing friends and enemies:

America/Music Disc reissues: "Obscure free-jazz reissues (1969-74) from Art Ensemble, Braxton, Thorton, Archie Shepp, Lacy, Bley and more."

Boris, Akuma No Uta: "Japanese doom metal trio. This disc covers all of their sounds evenly and has the best cover ever!"

Birchville Cat Motel, Beautiful Speck Triumph: "Two hours of the most powerful 'experimental' music I've heard in years. From Sunno)) to Mirror to Godspeed, in order."

V/A, Soul Gospel: "Soul artists adapting classic/standard gospel songs. Really nice record!"

The Books, Lost and Safe: "They sing now. It's nicer."