Jake Morris
From American Dream Pizza
4620 NE Glisan

When Jake's not delivering yummy pizzas to your door, he's double-timing as drummer for Pseudo Six and the Joggers. He also finds time be an instructional video expert--of the musical type:

Guitar Method in the Style of Fleetwood Mac: "Really cool in-depth instruction of some of the most romantic riffs ever. Curt Mitchell is a very capable instructor."

Vinny Appice: Hard Rock Drum Techniques: "Vinny is a longtime Sabbath, Dio, and Axis drummer. He's known for playing a kit with so many pieces that it kind of forms this drum sphere around him."

John Fahey in Concert and Interviews 1969 & 1996:"Not really an instructional video but shows the architect of the "American Primitive"guitar, interviewed by Laura Webber--who's pretty annoying."

How Fi Dance Reggae: "Dances include the Sesame Street, Chaka Chaka, Summa Bounce, and Shangle Dip."

Karen Whalen
From Furever Pets
1902 NE Broadway

You're not the only one that should be having fun outside. Aren't you forgetting somebody? Karen, animal expert extraordinaire, tells us how to give more than just sustenance to our pets:

Small animals can go out too: "Don't be scared if your animal is too small. You can use a front pack or bicycle basket."

Don't be away too long: "Don't leave your dog home alone for more than eight hours, they need to go pee! Your furniture will pay the price."

Buy organic/raw food: "Organic food isn't just for humans. Organic has fewer by-products that can mean less doggie farts and more important health stuff. It may cost a little more but it's worth it."

Beware of chemically treated lawns: "Don't let your pet drink runoff chemicals off lawns. Yards can be poisonous. It can even get through the pads on their feet."

Don't get mad when they hunt: "Next time you find a mouse on your porch, don't get angry. It's natural."