Jenn Armstrong
Local Make-Up Artist

When she's not beautifying faces, she's ripping apart your outfit. After much tribulation she was able to come up with Dos instead of Don'ts:

DO wear heels or flats: "Nothing in between or chunky. There's nothing worse than the 'I'm trying to be sexy and comfortable at the same time' look."

DO wear gold: "Gold is the new silver. It's okay to mix them too, contrary to everything your mom taught you."

DO wash your hair: "Clean hair is back with a vengeance. Lose the greasy rocker hair and invest in some gel. Know the true meaning of 'mod.'"

DO buy a suit jacket: "They work for boys and girls. They look great slapped over a messy vintage or punk look."

DO use sunscreen: "I don't care if it's going to be 80 degrees, tans are yucky even if they're natural. This isn't a health thing, it's a fashion thing."

Joe Kelly
From JFKelly Design

After serving as occasional Mercury whore and general hip guy around town, Joe has hunkered down and started a furniture makin' business. He makes the goods himself, and you can see his designs at work in Masu, Half and Half, and Stumptown. Maybe somebody will actually listen to his fashion advice now?

DON'T lose the low-rise jeans just yet: "I've waited my whole life for girls' jeans to do that, and I'm not ready to let go. You can't just create a new kind of cleavage and act like it never happened."

DON'T transition too quickly: "If you want to be an '80s club kid on Tuesday, you can't be Lord of Psychedelia on Wednesday."

DON'T underestimate grunge: "Be the first kid at the Tube to wear a dumpy flannel, or sell them silk-screened at Seaplane."

DON'T wear band T-shirts: "You just paid $15 to advertise for free."

DON'T drink beer: "You can't wear summer clothes on a winter body!"