Tenley Schwab
From Abe's Broadway Cleaners
1728 NE Broadway

We don't have the skrill to be replacing the clothes we thrash. Here are some tips from fabric expert Tenley on how to care for your favorite threads and keep you looking hot through the summer:

Club Soda is for Chumps: "It doesn't do anything special. Just cold water, please."

Put on Your Go-Out Clothes Last: "Avoid brushing your teeth or doing your hair with your favorite clothes on. These things can bleach out your clothes, and makeup around your collar is just yucky."

Use Plastic Hangers: "Don't use the metal kind because you'll get funky bumps in the shoulders and stains from rust."

Separate Colors: "Go ahead and buy the cheapest detergent--but be sure to separate, or your favorite clothes will turn gray."

DJ Paula B
From Berbati's Pan
10 SW 3rd

If you were dancing it up with DJ Paula B and King Fader on Saturdays at Berbati's, get ready for an even more eclectic set from this unadulterated pop diva on Tuesdays. Listen closely as this saucy music lover tells us what tracks will never fail the dance floor:

Chaka Khan, "I Feel For You": "She's always good at a climactic point at a party. You can't fuck with Chaka or her headdress."

Sheila E., "The Glamorous Life": "An empowering song for females, especially when she says 'Boys with small talk and small minds really don't impress me in bed.'"

Ready for the World, "Oh Sheila": "Perfect to play right before the Sheila E. track. This group is really amazing."

Sizzla, "Guide Over Us": "My favorite dancehall track, and Sizzla is my favorite dancehall artist. If you like dancehall or not, everyone will like this track."

Chromeo, "Me and My Man": "The best use of Vocoder and sexy beats. A fresh reincarnation of '80s dance music."