Ryne Warner
Old Town Music
40 SW 3rd

There are two things Ryne knows about: guitars and tours. He's either reviving vintage instruments or touring with Ghost to Falco. Savor his advice, whether you're on tour or questing on a road trip:

Quit your job to get food stamps: "Jobs are a dime a dozen. Make sure to buy non-perishables like rice milk and granola."

Pack a variety of footwear: "Even if you don't plan on wearing those socks or sandals on stage, pack 'em. You'll want them in the van or car, and you may want to go nature frolicking."

Keep a bible on the dashboard: "Especially in places like Alabama. Study 'Revelations,' too cause cops will ask you about it when they pull you over."

Make key copies for everyone: "Don't count on the vehicle owner, when he's talking to some chick, to be there when you're loading stuff."

Sabra Choi
From Miracle Theatre Group
525 SE Stark St.

This actor has always got her nose either in a book or her latest script. She agreed to tell us about some of her fave hippie-esque reads for summer:

Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins: "It's about sex, immortality, and beet juice."

Anything by Rumi: "He was a whirling dervish who liked to use analogies about camels to explain spirituality."

Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond: "It's about the domestication of bananas, the beginnings of civilization, and all that crap you can't get crunchy types to stop blabbing about after they've rolled a fat one."

Acid Dreams by Martin A. Lee: "It exposes government use of LSD on civilians, on each other, and on Cary Grant."

Alternatives to Economic Globalization by John Cavanagh: "It's a sort of manifesto about how the world should be run in regards to ecological and economic sustainability."