Jess Peck
From Koji Osakaya
1502 NE Weidler

Jess has been slinging liquor across the US for six years. She'd like to share a few rules of bar etiquette to help you avoid looking like an asshole:

Keep it simple: "Nothing annoys me more than a person ordering a specialty drink from some random bar in South Carolina. It doesn't make you look cultured."

Always tip a dollar: "If you can't afford a dollar on each drink then you can't afford to go out."

Know what you want: "Don't ask your four pals what drinks they want after you've already been approached, and then start collecting the money at the bar. Figure that shit out before."

Avoid drinks with sexual innuendoes in their names: "They come across as annoying-sorority-girl skunk-streaked-hair-looking-to-get-laid-esque."

Joel Hartzler
From Crow Bar
3954 N Mississippi

I think we all know a few bartenders who could use etiquette tips, too, and Joel is here to help. Now that Crow Bar will be even busier--serving booze and food items galore--hopefully he can practice what he preaches:

Don't be cooler than your customer: "It seems a lot of places around town have bartenders that love attitude."

Do pour a decent drink: "If I order a whiskey and coke, I want half whiskey and half coke! A decent shot is a must."

Don't be gross: "Once, a bartender held his cigarette over my drink while he poured. That's gross."

Don't close early: "If your sign says you're open till two, stay open till two. You owe it to your clientele to stick to your word, and customers plan their visits around closing times, too."

Don't hate food orders: "Some places get an attitude about being required to have food. Don't blame the customer because you have food on the menu--they're hungry."