Lisa Wells & Alice Carrier
From Tiny's (new location)
2031 NE MLK

Summer awakens the artist in us all, and these barista/photographers want you to make the most of it! Grab your camera and snap some photos at these bizarre/mysterious/arty locations around Portland:

Oaks Park Skating Rink: "Everything's cooler with roller skates. It's good practice to shoot movement."

The Woodstock Mystery Hole (4326 SE Woodstock): "This guy does tours in his backyard of a mock archeological dig."

Sauvie Island Nude Beach (Collins Beach past Walton): "You can catch naked people playing volleyball. Guys in T-shirts with their wee-wees hanging out is a beautiful photo op."

Cathedral Park (under the St. Johns Bridge): "The cars sound nice cause the bridge is high up, really echoey, and the underside is shaped like a cathedral. It's haunted, too."

Gresham: "Be the first to document the meth crisis in the style of Mary Ellen Mark or Dorothea Lange. Also, there's cheap cigarettes and barefoot kids. Cute!"

Miranda Keenan
From Dungeon Replication

Record labels don't magically create thousands of CDs or records after an artist has recorded, but Miranda does! She mostly works with rap artists, and these are her faves:

Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz: "Considered 'crunk,' it's the rap that makes you feel really cool when you're driving."

The Streets: "There is a story in every track and album. The Streets are a mixture of Brit rock and hiphop."

Gorillaz: "They are a good mishmash of styles. You'll hear bits of music that remind you of hits from the '80s. Someone who doesn't necessarily like rap would enjoy this."

Syndel: "Her voice is amazingly fast and her tongue is sharp. She can be as hard as any man out there, but she brings a woman's touch to rapping."

Non Stop: "He goes from rough West Coast style to a hard, almost ballad-like rap. He experiments with different tempos and feel."