Tara Gibbs
Painter and Nihon Buyo Dancer
2031 NE MLK

Nihon Buyo is a dance performed by Japanese women that tells a story through elegant gestures. Performer Tara is eager to let us know about her most beloved Japanese-American spots around Portland:

Anzen Market (736 NE MLK): "It's the oldest Japanese market in Portland. It's the real Portland people's market.

Japanese-American Memorial (Waterfront): "It has poetry by Lawson Fusao Inada with beautiful cherry blossom trees and a winding path."

Oregon Buddhist Temple (3720 SE 34th): "It's been there for 102 years and was originally in Old Town, which used to be Japan Town."

MAX Expo Stop: "There's an installation by Valerie Otani with giant tori gates."

Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center (121 NW 2nd): "It tells the story of Japanese-Americans in Oregon with tons of artifacts and displays."

Kyle Cool
From Shogun Gallery
1111 NW 23rd

Don't embarrass yourself when visiting Japan, or your Japanese boyfriend's house. Kyle goes to Japan four times a year, so allow him to share with you some basic manners. (He learned them the hard way.)

Bow, don't shake: "They just don't do that there. If you greet somebody higher than you, there's a difference in how deep you bow. You should tend to avert your eyes too, if this is the case."

Watch out for the number four: "For example, we can't sell things in sets of four. The word for 'four' is the same as the word for 'death,' so it has a very inauspicious connotation."

Never pour for yourself first: "Always let the host pour, and then when it's the host's turn, the guest should reciprocate. This is especially true of sake shops."

Take off your shoes: "You put on house slippers and there is a separate pair of slippers for the toilet room. Don't get them mixed up! Also, don't wear your shoes into a dressing room."