Unemployee for Three Years

We've neglected 8% of the population for too long--the unemployees! Lazy people have recommendations, too. So cheers, unemployees--this next month of picks are for you! Check out these music selections from Cat, who's had a lot of time to shop around.

Circus vs. Andre, Gawd Bless the Faceless Cowards: "Aliens, conspiracies, and good fucking hiphop."

Explosions in the Sky, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die: "Perfect for playing chess and drinking profusely."

Clouddead, S/T: "Just the thing for personal spiritual growth."

Madlib, Madlib Invades Blue Note: "Holy shit. Get inspired, cross boundaries, and do it now while you're unemployed and have time."

Pedestrian, The Toss & Turn: "The music is just rock enough so you don't feel awkward sitting with your rocker friends. '

Mike Heiges
Unemployee for Five Months

A fairly well-seasoned unemployee, Mike has managed to keep the party going without any money. Here are some penny-pinching tips to use in and out of the bars:

Draw your own show-entry stamps: "Buy a sharpie and don't question your artistic ability--you really can draw the shitty tribal symbol or dancing bear."

• Buy a flask: "It's good for all ages shows, too. Be sure it's small enough not to be noticeable, but big enough so you don't have to go to your car to refill."

Get Netflix: "Stop kidding yourself--you're not gonna get the movies back on time. Get Netflix's one movie program--it's only 10 bucks. It's way cheaper than late fees."

Learn to love well drinks: "They don't burn as clean, but they burn just as hot. The hangovers are worse at first, but eventually your body gets used to it. Frequent places that have better wells, like Stanford's."

Cut your own hair: "Just get drunk and whack your own hair. Trust me, it will look fine after it's grown out for a few days."