Charlie Hodge
From The Wonder Cafe
128 NE Russell

Bar-starter extraordinaire, Charlie blessed us with Holocene and Masu. Now he's the mastermind behind this space below Wonder Ballroom. If you want to prove you're no amateur, try Charlie's fave drink picks:

Greyhound: "Grapefruit and vodka. Anyone who orders this has very good taste."

Vodka Gimlet: "Fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and vodka. Some argue Triple Sec, too."

The Balvenie 15 Year: "A great scotch, rich and smooth—like you hope to be. It's perfect for sitting alone at the bar and contemplating the world."

The Sidecar: "A brandy margarita. It's the pre-thought to the Lemon Drops and Cosmos that followed—the true original."

Sazerac: "A Pernod-laced glass, a decent bourbon, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, topped with a splash of bitters. From New Orleans, it's believed to be the first cocktail invented in the US."

Ronando Long
From Super Hero Stuff

He's the biggest seller of superhero Ts online, and in the process of creating a trivia game for the Xbox. These are his favorite superheroes—some you may not know—and interesting gossip about ones you do:

Wonder Woman: "Her creator, William Marston—also inventor of the lie detector—had a polyamorous relationship with his wife and assistant. The assistant wore silver Indian bracelets, which led to the conception of WW's forearm bands—very S&M."

Silver Surfer: "The story of SS has been compared to that of Jesus Christ. He sacrificed himself for his planet and the people of Earth."

The Mighty Thor: "You might remember him from the notorious '80s film Adventures in Babysitting."

Captain America: "He was fighting Hitler before the US decided to get into WWII. So, this comic was way ahead of American foreign policy."

Black Widow: "A sexy group of women trained by the Russians to be elite assassins. They're not above sleeping with men right before they kill 'em."